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StableNet Express Free Version 6.0.5

Here you can download the free version of StableNet Express. The free version of StableNet Express is only limited to a maximum of 100 concurrent measurements. All other features are equal to the normal StableNet Express. Included are native 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Windows and Linux!

This version includes enhanced device support, native WMI templates and advanced alarming. More information on Infosim main website.

If you have installed a previous version using the free license you must remove the old license file before the installation! The license file is c:\windows\snagent\conf\license.dat (Windows) or /opt/stablenet/snagent/conf/license.dat (Linux).

Detailed Requirement

  Windows Linux
Supported Version Windows 2003 SP1
Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP1
Windows 7
Windows 2008 (R2)
OpenSuse 11.x
Novell SLES 11
Fedora 6-11
RHES 5.x, 6.x
Ubuntu 10.x, 11.x
Min CPU 2 GHZ 2 GHz
Min RAM 1 GB 1 GB
Min free Disk 1 GB 1 GB

Installation Sequence

Just execute the installer and select default options.

Default login

Download: StableNet Express 6.0.5

Software Build Download for Operating System
 Express Windows Linux

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